We will plant one tree for every product we sell.
“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.” Here at Vakay, we see the global environment as the source of all life. Protecting it is as important to us as saving a human life. To leave an abundant and healthy environment to future generations, Vakay makes a contribution to the environment through its program ONE FOR ONE. For each product we sell, a tree is planted in Kenya by our partner One Tree Planted.

Nuqat, conference 2016.

Nuqat is a non-profit organization based in Kuwait City that is dedicated to the development of creativity in the Arab world. Nuqat offers training programs, lectures and cultural programs in both arabic and english covering topics in visual, therapeutic, commercial and performing arts in addition to creative entreprenuership.

Since 2009, Nuqat has hosted a yearly conference and a wide range of activities including workshops, exhibitions and design competitions. Nuqat aims to establish educational institutes in different cities across the Middle East and to develop a specialized arts curriculum. Nuqat continues to identify inspiring speakers and research themes for annual conferences and carries out strategic market research for creating and delivering a wide range of engaging cultural programs, panels, and workshops.

This year (2016), the Nuqat conference delved into the seventh sense – the capacity of the brain to come up with new ideas. Opening a wide discussion in the region about the creative economy and other alternatives to oil-driven economies.

VAKAY Team was invited to give a conference about it’s experience in creating the ecosystem of the eyewear industry in Tunisia and how the Team succeeded in building an international brand.

Nuqat conference was a great place to meet, network, exchange ideas with extraordinary people from Kuwait and all over the world.

Big thanks to Nuqat Team for the success of this event, their hospitality and their generosity.

Media coverage

Summer 2016, Vakay Eyewear was featured in news papers in Germany and had a special coverage on N-TV channel. They took a special interest in the Tunisian brand that offers authenticity and a unique ethnic touch to premium wooden eyewear.


The Tunisian Marks pavilion was built around three notions: Emotions, Heritage & Icons. The visitors were able to experience a splendid mix of rising talented artists, creators, designers, and the next generation of the most gifted young Tunisians. All gathered around the same values, with a unique sense of openness towards the world, Vakay designers exhibited their visions, which originate from a long history, deeply rooted in the Tunisian tradition, but always conceived as an ode to eternal youth, and celebrating the birth of very peculiar icons.

VAKAY designers specially made a unique piece of wooden sunglasses, with special forms inspired from tunisian architechture. Asymetric and buit on one fifth ratios.

Come across and explore our love message, hear the scream of our feelings and taste our unique flavors, hunted by thousand years of creation.

This program has been conceived by Elizabeth Krief, under the artistic and creative direction of Hejer Smaali and administred by Meriem Tamarzizt.
This program is supported by Prestige Projects,  TIB (Tunisian International Bank), Talan, and many anonymous sponsors.