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Wallys car, journey with VAKAY sunglasses

Wallys car is the best combo for your VAKAY sunglasses. We had the opportunity to drive this Tunisian car on a beautiful beach near La Marsa. For this sunny day we got nice shots we wanted to share with you! Wallyscar is a Tunisian car manufacturer, founded in 2007, Producing 600 units per year. The company sells in Panama, France, Spain, Qatar and Morocco. Wallyscar cooperate with the French automobile company Peugeot, using a PSA engine in their vehicles. Wallys car was founded by Zied Guiga and Omar Guiga.

Wallyscar! Simply, fun

It is its fresh and expressive style, which seduces people looking for a different and friendly car.
Light and economical, it is also extremely strong thanks to a 100% handmade fiberglass body – what else!

Wallys IRIS!

A vehicle for leisure and everyday life, the IRIS conceals a character of authenticity in its urban design and manner.
Loved for its maneuverability, reliability and technical performance, it is a real SUV as comfortable in the city as on the steep itineraries.