Premium Handmade Frames

We love our work and our manual processes. We give the best of ourselves for good manipulation of natural materials to materialize comfort with a distinctive design, every little detail is worthy the reflection of our designers and a valuable      “savoir-faire” of our skilled craftsmen.

Visual sensation, Intellectual elegance.

The Vakay collections are timeless and designed to drag on forever, unlike any temporary tendency. The reasons and the ornaments are inspired by art, history and architecture. Each frame in the VAKAY collection has its own character traits according to its form, its lines, its colors and the combination of its materials.

The Story

The idea began in November 2012, when our friend and co-founder Adam, who’s always looking for the latest fashion trends, asked Soulaimen to make him a pair of personalized wooden sunglasses. Soulaimen drew the Linebacker, our first design. Soon enough he started taking requests from friends, family, collegues and acquaintances. People who fell in love from the first sight with the wooden sunglasses. VAKAY was born. learn more…