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Handmade Wood Sunglasses

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Premium Handmade Wood Sunglasses

Vakay sunglasses frames collections are timeless and designed to outlast any temporary trend. The patterns and ornaments are inspired from art, history and architecture. Each frame in the VAKAY collection has its own character traits depending on its shape, curves, colours, prints and combination of materials. Vakay handmade wood sunglasses are made from African wood and may Feature other innovative materials. Vakay handmade designer eyewear is one of a kind and the first African eyewear brand.

Handmade Designer Eyewear

Born from the dream to create unique premium wooden sunglasses, Vakay Eyewear collections are inspired from North African and Tunisian art. Our frames are designed and handcrafted in Tunisia, Africa, which allows us to benefit from the unrivalled craftsmanship of the local artisans , to set new trends and to broaden the scope in the eyewear industry. These African wood sunglasses are a unique and timeless art form

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