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Much like the exuberance of children playing energetically or an animal running and playing with boundless enthusiasm, these sunglasses are a vibrant celebration of the carefree and joyful approach to life.


Each model of the VAKAY collection has its own character trait, because of its shape, its curves, its colors, its prints, even its combination of materials.


Natural beauty.  Timeless Aesthetic.

We engage with a big effort and very special care during the selection of wood species that we use. These must match not only our desire to create product which stands out for its high quality of range but also to our innovative vision and our quest for perfection


We believe that every special pair of our handmade sunglasses should be equipped with a high quality standards of sun lenses. For this reason our sun lenses have multilayer treatment. Filter out up to 100% of UVA and UVB radiation, these High-performance lens coatings make your glasses extremely durable against scratches or adhesive dirt.

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Dimensions 52 × 23 × 150 mm

Black, Brown, Dark Tortoise, Grey, Tinted grey